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Initiating the Media Revolution

March 8, 2009

Freeing Mother Liberty one mind at a time!



Freedom from Tyranny

Freedom from Tyranny

Regardless of your political views or party affiliation, there are some truths held to be self-evident. The all-empowering and enlightening Declaration of Independence exemplifies common sense and rational prevalence that must be preserved for all time. Not just in the freedoms of government, but the freedoms of life and all that liberty entails.


Corrupt business, and government powers that be have mutilated our senses with noise and sold to the highest bidder-our media outlets for their own profit security. Leaving us to fend for ourselves in a dilapidated  and perverse sense of pseudo Democratic media freedom.  It’s in these desperate hours that we must look to ourselves for the truth. Yet with the airwaves controlled by mogul tyrants squeezing every last cent out of us through flashy entertainment, where do we find news, inquiry, and the sanctity of honest citizen-serving information?

Libre! is more than a simple newsletter and media entity. Knowledge is power, and at the state of our economy, it becomes a priceless commodity that transforms into its own currency. We must formulate with esteemed ethics the preservation of the truth for the benefit of all. Substance does not have to sacrifice style. Nor should style sacrifice substance of knowledge.  

As Thomas Jefferson once said, Information is the currency of democracy.” With that in mind, when the people are empowered by the wealth of their knowledge, they will be entrusted to the security and happiness that comes from their own vast supply of intellectual property. 

In the infinite wisdom of  Jefferson.

“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion. ”

-Thomas Jefferson

There is no greater security than that of a people governing themselves. Yet people can not govern themselves properly without being informed. Informed to make good purchasing decisions, informed to preserve a sustainable lifestyle, and to live consciously in order to live happily. We owe it to ourselves, to our forefathers, and most of all, to the world. 



“Every generation needs a new revolution.”
-Thomas Jefferson

Our generation seeks a revolution of immense proportions; a revolution of the media fed to us, a revolution of our souls as well as our dignity. The truth must be preserved at all costs, in order to protect Liberty, serve the United States people, and finally to balance the world.

We will seek to post articles that discuss many of our concerns: preservation of peace, preservation of the Constitution, government corruption, economics, unethical business practices, “conspiracy” theories, sustainable living, alternative technology and media, art and culture, healthcare, endangered food crops, civil rights, human rights, and much much more. There will be bad, but we will seek to show the good in all of us as well. There is hope for a better future, yet this is no time to ponder, it’s a time to act. The truth will guide us. 




Update [March 9, 2:45AM] 

Working on getting contributors to post their articles in WordPress blog from the main site 


Recommended Reading:  Reality SandwichWikinomics, Amnesty International, World ChangingTreehuggerInformation Clearing House, and Public Citizen

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