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A Revolution of Independent Media is Imminently Needed!

April 26, 2009
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A counter to the conglomerated control of the Media

by Mike Sanch

reprint from 10/07

Upated: 2/8/09

The reality of the electronic media revolution, that has manifested itself from the spawn of Internet 2.0, has opened up a doorway to an unprecedented level of access to information.

Internet 2.0 consists of wikipedia, youtube, facebook, etc. Basically they are networking sites that allow people to express, connect, and navigate the www in an efficient fashion that was otherwise impossible or not directly accessible to the average web surfer just four years ago.

Some quick facts to consider- founded February 2005, February 2004, August 2001.

These sites have established and provided the foundation for independent media to flourish! In these fast paced, electronic, and media dominated days, practically anyone can become a journalist. Whether your participation consists of writing in your blog or even making videos and posting them on, never mind if it is good or bad, useful or useless, the outlet of unrestricted content must be preserved, to counter the major networks.

I would like to coin a phrase that may better describe the phenomenon that is occurring within the billions of pages of internet 2.0.

We shall call this the “Guerilla Media War”

We are participating in this Guerilla Media Revolution right now!
If you are familiar with the term -guerilla war, you will recognize the characteristics that are represented within the Guerilla Media revolution. (Viva El CHE!).
If you’re not, here is a summary and comparison to guerilla war in the traditional sense, and the new application of the Guerilla Media War!

* GRASSROOTS SUPPORT-(the average joe supports it). Example: Instead of a peasant farmer taking up arms in the country side- Average Joe Americans are utilizing the tactics of guerilla war by adapting the dependence of average citizens to support the revolution, in this case the media revolution. So the average Joe is making a youtube video exposing a lie about the war in Iraq, as opposed to taking up arms to make their opinion heard, as in a traditional Guerilla war.

* NETWORKING- This translates into small groups or individuals doing what they want while only sharing the common goal as their objective, in other words, no military bureaucracy or chain of command. Instead small “cells’ take significant action towards a common shared goal. In the guerilla media war, many people use Internet 2.0 to keep in touch and to share ideas through forms of media such as video, audio and blogs to pursue their common goal of letting the truth be heard.

* MOBILITY- the guerilla media war consists of many dispersed “cells” or networks and their actions and strategic movements are not known outside the “network”. The networks can move and act quickly without their position being known to enemies. Thus these virtual ‘guerillas’ know where to access information/intelligence through certain channels or avenues of communication. In the guerilla media war, productions of the truth/movement/revolution/ are accessible at any internet connection (if you know where to look for it).

* COMMON ENEMY- The guerilla media war has the common enemy of major media and the psychological war. This is related to the War on Terrorism that they have launched on the American people in cooperation and perhaps even with the endorsement and coercion of the oppressive zionist elements within America. .

* FAMILARITY WITH TERRAIN- in a guerilla war, a familiarity with the terrain is exploited and used to the advantage of the guerillas(think War of Independence). In the guerilla media war the terrain is the World Wide Web. Familiarity with websites, location, how and where to find the information you want is used as a weapon to spread the ideas at exponential levels. This is described as “viral” spreading.

The fundamental principles of the Guerilla Media War are compatible and can be directly related to traditional guerilla warfare. Because of this, the term “guerilla” is an accurate description.

As long as we have unregulated internet use with no censorship, the foundation and launching pad for TRUTH will remain and the Revolution of Independent Media will spread at a surprisingly efficient rate.

Open your eyes and realize what big conglomerated media is doing to our blessed land of America. Then, get to your computer and join the Guerilla Media War.
-Your voice is your ammunition.

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