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A.G. HOLDER: Blame Mexico For Loss of Constitutional Rights

April 26, 2009

By Andrew Dossman 3/01/09

This article is written is response to an article posted on ABC’s website about President Obama, promising to reinstate the Assault Ban that was in place under Clinton. The law expired under George W. Bush’s term in 2004. If Obama gets his way, it would mean all military looking weapons that are semi automatic would be illegal. For those of you that do not know, fully automatic weapons have been illegal for some time (since Ronald Reagan banned them in the 80’s), however the weapons we can buy now are limited to only semi automatic weapons.

Video Via Youtube: Lou Dobbs Slams Holder’s Logic

Attorney General Eric Holder is leading the unconstitutional charge for the Obama Administration to resurrect the Assault Ban. What many may not know is that this new reinstated assault ban is not limited to semi automatic rifles, but also to pistol grips for shotguns. Pistol grips are exclusively designed for home defense. Why would the government want to take away something that is for our defense? Americans have feared this day since Obama won the election. Gun sales have soared as a result all across America, in the expectation that we will not be able to get the firearms we have the right to purchase.

The reasoning behind Holder’s argument does not hold water at all. Holder is quoted in saying that the Assault Ban will help the Mexican Government in the fight against the drug cartels, which is can potentially erupt into a full blown civil war. The argument has been that a flood of American purchased semi automatic rifles were bought in Texas and driven back into Mexico for use by the cartels. But here is where things become impossible, in terms of logic.

A warning from the State Department says it all “Some recent Mexican army and police confrontations with drug cartels have resembled small-unit combat, with cartels employing automatic weapons and grenades,”.

The drug cartels could be using American weapons, yes they could. However they were not bought in Texas gun shops. It is illegal to buy fully automatic weapons in the United States or to even convert them to fully automatic. So who in Mexico has access to fully automatic, U.S. Made assault rifles on hand? The Mexican Military of course! And how did they get them? The American Government sold the weapons to them!

Now readers, I’d like to open you to a thought exercise. How could these cartels get government owned firearms? Think about the amount of money the cartels have. Money buys power, even military power. So with the cartels on the brink of destruction and military officers who had been looking the other way for a number a years to the cartel actions, suddenly are losing their cash cow.

A few changes to a weapons stockpile list and 3000 fully automatic AR-15’s become 300. Meaning 2700 new weapons are on their way to the cartels. With the country in such chaos there would be no time for oversight in the weapons missing. If anyone has seen Nicolas Cage in Lord of War, this is the exact scenario I am trying to paint for you.

The conflict to our south is just pulling the wool over our eyes. It is nothing more than an excuse for another power grab on the American people. Don’t be fooled! The government has a reason that they do not want you to be able to defend yourself. Prepare and protect your family, because something big may be brewing,…

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