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False Hope for Stimulus Plan

April 26, 2009

by Pester Stone 2/02/09

Obama Stimulus Package

The new U.S. stimulus bill is now approaching 900 Billion Dollars. After the bailout of Wall Street that has reached the trillions and now this proposed package that is supposed to save the American worker, where does it all end? Wasn’t the old bailout for the financial district supposed to solve all the problems?

But let us now look closer at this new stimulus bill.

6.5 Billion- State, Defense, Homeland Security Department
8.7 Billion- Financial services general government
7 Billion- Military Construction, veteran affairs
14.2 Billion- Commerce, Justice, and Science
15 Billion- Interior and Environment
17.1 Billion- Health Information Technology
27 Billion- Agriculture, Nutrition, and Rural Development
40 Billion- Health Insurance Assistance for the Unemployed
46.3 Billion- Assistance for unemployed workers
48.9 Billion- Energy and water
59.5 Billion- Transportation, housing, and urban development
79 Billion- State fiscal stabilization fund
88.9 Billion- Medicaid provisions
92.3 Billion- Labor, health and Human Services, Education and other departments
267.7 Billion- Tax Cuts and Credits
(Congressional Budget Office)

Majority of this money all goes to government departments. The argument for this is to make job creation, however job creation does not show a healthy economy, productivity does. If you employed a hundred people to do calculations with pen and paper, they would all have a job, but if you had ten people doing calculations on a calculator or one person on a super computer, you would be more productive and the other people can do other jobs. The government filling in people to do jobs that have no purpose is not going to save the country; it is going to stagnate our society and economy, and nothing will change.

Most of the jobs created from this stimulus package will be bureaucratic jobs, which might as well be a kind of “ditch digging” behind a desk. What people don’t realize is that these bureaucratic jobs in government departments end up burning up all the money employing all the bureaucrats and not helping the projects they are created for.

Also another thing to look at is the huge amount of Tax Cuts and Credit, which is merely a euphemism for continuation of increased government spending. George W. Bush’s term as president was plagued by runaway deficit spending, tax cuts, which it reason we have such an out of control debt problem. Mr. Obama’s “plan” is abiding by this flawed philosophy.

Throwing more money at the fire, that is our economy, will not fix the problem. If we keep creating more money out of nowhere, for programs that will not work, we will end up creating a problem that will take decades to recover from. To put in sobering perspective, our country’s leaders are dangerously flirting with the ultimate catastrophe, the devaluation of our fiat American dollar.

We must ask ourselves who the benefactors and pushers of this new stimulus plan are. Based on the facts, one blatant answer comes to mind.


These people are quoted as saying it would take, “1.2 Trillion dollars in economic stimulus over the next two years to offset private sector contraction” (Hilsenrath & Weisman).

Why in the name of whatever spiritual deity you may believe in would we listen to a company that drove itself into the ground by jumping on the insanity that was the subprime mortgage market?

When are we going to finally listen to people that saw all these problems coming like Peter Schiff and Ron Paul? Instead our government listens to people who failed to have the foresight to see a problem, much less have the ability to solve the problem. It’s almost as if they are planning this unprecedented transfer of wealth from the producers to the unproductive financial service industry on purpose.

Bailouts and Stimulus packages won’t fix the problem, we need to bite the bullet and start restructuring our economy by letting our economy correct itself. However, if our currency collapses due to rapid inflation caused by these bailouts, loans, and stimulus packages; we will face a problem of proportions that we have never seen before in this country.

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