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Food is the Best Medicine

April 26, 2009

By Andrew Dossman 1/5/09

“You are what you eat!”

Many of us have heard this familiar phrase from a friend or family member at least once in their life; but have we not taken this overused cliche more seriously?

The rate of obesity in this country is unbelievable and it’s getting worse every year. One needs to only look at the world and see that there are two scenarios that people finds themselves in; one half lives in utter poverty and starvation, while the other lives in plump prosperity.

This article is not to judge people on their eating habits; to the contrary, we are genetically prone to the way we eat. Our ancestors did not know when the next time they were going to eat, so they gorged themselves knowing it might be a while until they had the chance to eat again. However, the difference is that in our culture, we eat three to four times a day.

Another factor that contributes to obesity and unhealthy bodies is the processed foods we are consuming. At best, the food we receive at the grocery store contains about 50% of the nutrients it originally contained at the time it was harvested.

This is caused by the fact that foods are frozen, heated, transported, sit in the store, and then sit in your house until you are ready to eat it. Over this time, the food has lost many of its beneficial nutrients. The lost in nutrient intake can be reversed by buying fresh, locally grown produce.

Many Americans eat foods that are processed, these foods are full of preservatives and other chemicals. Nothing you eat should have 50 ingredients listed on the back of the package, no matter how good they may taste.

The methods used for the processing of food that many Americans and others around the world eat are very inefficient when retaining the vital nutrients in the food. In fact, the processed food has lost most of it nutritional value.

So what does this mean? Generally, if you fail to consume the essential nutrients and vitamins needed to support a healthy mind and body, you will be susceptible to disease and sickness at an increased rate.

In other words, “if you put garbage in your body, your body gives you garbage back”. When you go to a doctor with a problem, what does he do for you? Of course he writes you a prescription for some drug to make all the problems go away.

Yet in many cases it doesn’t make the problem go away, it only masks it. What your doctor doesn’t ask, is what your eating habits consist of. In fact, a study found that less then 6% of practicing doctors have any nutritional schooling at all, (The Gerson Institute).

Many drugs can be substituted for simple additions or subtractions of certain foods from a diet. For example, two handfuls of cashews a day can give the same therapeutic result as a Prozac to treat depression.

High doses of Niacin have also been shown to turn around severe depression. High doses of intravenous Vitamin C have been shown to kill cancer cells and keep healthy ones alive with no side effects. Many people do not realize that it is illegal to treat cancer in America and many Western countries with anything but chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.

This has helped some people yes, but the rate of deaths to population from cancer is the same now as it was in 1920. When the doctors refer to survivability of cancer, it means the patient lives longer than 5 years. The rate does not include anyone that could die 6 months after the initial 5 years from the same cancer. That is not surviving! These treatments are a failure, and many patients have to fight to survive the treatment on top of the cancer.

Many of the problems that we have can be solved by simple vitamin or nutritional therapy. It’s like baking a cake. If the cake takes twelve ingredients to make, but you only have six of them and you tried to bake it anyway, do you think the cake would taste and be the way it was meant to be? Our bodies are no different.

Prevention is where we should be looking too. We have a vast array and knowledge of foods that can prevent diseases, so why are we not growing and eating those?

Vitamin therapy should be used to treat certain disorders, but the mass media news stories about how vitamins can harm you distort the public’s percepetion.

In the last 25 years there has been 10 possible, not confirmed, deaths linked to vitamins. While every year, 106,000 people die from using drugs prescribed to them, used as directed, as a result from adverse drug reactions.

Drug companies are a Trillion dollar industry worldwide. The rich and powerful companies spend millions to misinform people, so we do not hear about information about all the people that have died from their drugs. In addition, the Drug companies fund questionable studies that they trump to the media as proof on how the “scary” vitamins from nature are.

You might be young now, but I promise what you do now to your body will dictate how much you enjoy life when you are old. So be picky, and inform yourself.


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