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Homeland is Everything

April 26, 2009

by Andrew Dossman 1/31/09

One of the most basic needs of a collective group of people is the want of a homeland. A homeland gives people an identity, a safe haven to live the way they see fit from the rest of the world, however sometimes foreign groups control and exploit how these people live by occupation. Peaceful movements have tried to create independent homelands, however occupying forces are not so willing to give up their territory on the account it may make them look weak. This eventually leads to revolt, revolution, and in some cases terrorism to get the motives of the people heard.

What many people don’t know is that ALL suicide terrorist attacks from 1980 to 2001 are a result of groups fighting for a independent homeland or expulsion of another countries hold on the groups home country.(R.Pape)

Even if these groups make a independent homeland, it may be a matter of time before they are begging to come back into the nation they broke away from. A united country is a stronger country. This has been an argument about the Civil War. Even if the south broke off, it might not have been long until they came back asking to be in the Union, the south would have been weak and harder to defend without its northern brothers. Texas is a prime example of asking to be taken into a larger nation, after trying our own independence for a while. Texas realized it was too tough and asked to be taken into the Union.

The American Revolution can even be argued as being terrorism to some, yet more will site it as the first guerilla war, considering the tactics the Americans used against the British. In the time of the revolutionary war, surprise ambushes were thought of as brutal, and not fighting in an open field in formations was perceived as cowardice. However, today we look at them as freedom fighters and patriots.

Here are some other examples of attacks that have happened for the removal of foreign occupation.

1.Zionist Bombing of King David Hotel to expel the British from Israel after World War Two

2.Chin Peng’s war against the British to expel them from Malaysia
3.Algerian War for Independence against the French invaders-occupiers

4.Northern Ireland attacks and bombings to expel the British and fight for united Ireland.
5. Russian Occupation of Chechnya
6.Al-Qaida’s actions to expel the U.S. Troops from Saudi Arabia
7.Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka

People just wish to be left alone, plain and simple. In our culture we may think of other peoples of the world to be clinging to their backward ways of life, however why should we even care. These groups are only upset when some other group comes in tries to change their way of life. Wouldn’t we?

How would we react if another country popped an air force base in our backyard and didn’t pay us any money, or retributions? How about if soldiers every now and then would come out and assault people in our towns? We’ve done it, look at Japan. This has been seen through history since the dawn of conquest of one group to another. Will we ever learn?

Even the horrible terrorist attacks that the United States has faced are even quoted by Bin Laden that it has nothing to do with our beliefs as a people. He had been quoted as saying that anyone who tries to tell the American audience that the attacks based on our beliefs is “suffering from confusion” or “intentionally misleading you” (M.Abrahams). The main concern he has asked about is the removal of U.S. troops from Saudi Arabia.

Many people would say that if we do not have the America forces there, they will cut off all the oil. This readers, is just not true, oil may be threatened, but I assure you it is just for the short run. It is not in the economic interest of these countries to not trade oil with us and they will not charge unreasonable prices for it because they know if it becomes to cost ineffective we will move to other energy sources.

Call it colonialism, imperialism, or whatever you like but this is the root of our problem. Leaving people to live their lives the way they see fit is the only answer. Trade, talking, friendship, and letting people live how they want, is the only way that we will ever get out of this mess.


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