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Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan: Reveals that Obama’s change is the same old strategy, different occupation location

April 26, 2009
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by Amador Salazar 03/03/03

The iconic cultural phenomenon known as Obama is very hard to ignore. Just recently according to a Harris poll, Obama came in first for being the most popular person ever. He came ahead of Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and John F. Kennedy to name a few.

It is also hard to ignore how he has captivated many of the youths in America, as well as the rest of the world. Most of my peers voted overwhelmingly for Barack. According to a poll from 68% of young Americans without a high school diploma voted for Obama, while young Americans that are college graduates came in at 63% in favor of Obama.

Now, Obama has always been perceived as the anti-war candidate, which is a misconstrued facilitator that got the anti-war youth to rally around him. Most people around me would tell me that he was going to end the war, but is he really going to? Sure he has constantly stated that he is opposed to the war in Iraq, but recently we are beginning to get the notion that he in fact loves quagmires just as much as the last President.

While he has stated that he will begin to remove the troops from Iraq, we are beginning to learn that he is sending 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan! There’s a feeling of nostalgia that should take you back to January of 2007 when a certain presidential figure you may remember, who goes by the name of George W. Bush, announced the mobilization “surge” of troops into Iraq.

One thing can plainly be seen, and it is that the occupations are nowhere near their end. Unfortunately, we are not getting the real change we need; instead, we are merely receiving more of the same. What we are really seeing is a redistribution of troops from one occupied land to another.

It could be argued that we need this surge of 17,000 troops in order to stabilize Afghanistan, but what I would like to know is this: How many more of our men and women are we willing to put in danger for the sake of “spreading democracy” through bombs and bullets? Could logic clearly tell us that our country is in fact not spreading democracy, but instead spreading death?

Stats have been pointing toward this trend. According to a study done by the United Nations, they have reported that there has in fact been an upswing in civilian casualties in Afghanistan this past year. Of the 2,118 civilian deaths in 2008, the US-Nato-Afghan forces were apparently responsible for at least 39% of the total carnage. All this and we are now sending more troops to that land.

When the term quagmire is equated along with Afghanistan, there is much proof. Especially if one takes the time to learn the history of the region itself.

Brief History of Afghanistan and Occupation

The United States is not the only country to occupy Afghanistan. There was another super power that had occupied this region back in the majority of the 80s. The Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan from 1978 all the way to February 15, 1989.

During his term as president, Jimmy Carter gave the CIA the go ahead to fund the anti-communist rebels in the area. The CIA practically gave weapons to a bunch of radical Islamic fundamentalists, which turned out to be a very big mistake.

Fast forward to the fall of the Soviet Union, and some of the rebels eventually take over. The total insanity is that the very same people that we funded to topple over the Soviet Union are the very same people that we are struggling with in Afghanistan.

Despite all of this, we are still sending more troops into what was the USSR’s Vietnam. Instead of learning from the past and the lessons that are entailed within; we are rolling along with our recurring theme: Making the wrong decisions. The Soviets got out of Afghanistan a little before they fell. Let’s hope that Obama and this government finally come to their senses and get us out of the quagmire before it is too late.

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