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Open Office Offers Alternative to Microsoft’s Monopoly

April 26, 2009

By Andrew Dossman

When you get a new laptop or desktop, are you not tired of having to buy the same windows office that you have paid for year after year?

Sure there are some new features, some new bells and whistles, but it is more or less is the same thing that you have bought and paid for time and time again. But we here at Libre, think that Office has run its term and that people should not have to pay something that they already bought.

Just because someone can’t build a good computer, why should we feel the wrath when it falls apart and buy a program which we should own. I say this as a generality because I know that most, if not everyone has had a computer, Microsoft or Apple, thus meaning you have had Microsoft’s office product (Apple must pay Mircosoft Rights to their Office System).

Linux users your one step ahead of even me- they have made their own open source Operating System. Check here at But getting back to the topic at hand we at Libre are here to tell you about how you can have a Office product that is just as good as windows edition, but absolutely free!

Open Office by which it is called was created by a few Silicon Valley companies, one being Sun Microsystems. Open Office can offer almost everything that you will need such as Text Document(word document), Spreadsheet(excel), Presentation (power point), and much, much more.

Open Office is even frequently updated with new content and material. To download your free edition go to Now if you already have a computer with the Corporate Monopolies Edition on it, I am sorry. This is to educate you about your next computer purchase and not to get sucked in by some sales man telling you how you NEED this product.

The Internet is the Revolution of our time, we must protect it and support it in any way we can. There is a term that “Knowledge is Free” but how can that be said if you are charged to write out your experiences. With Open Office Knowledge IS now free. Help Libre! And they rest of society but supporting the media and Internet revolution! ( This story was written in Open Office!) =

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