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Prisons for Profit

April 26, 2009

Prison Industrial Complex and Big Government Taking Away Freedom for Profit

By Andrew Dossman 11/24/08

Few Americans are aware of the growing problem that is facing our country on the issue of prisons. In the last 20 years the prison population has grown over 400% and the total amount of people in prisons is about to reach 2.5 MILLION people!

Racist prison sentences have made it so that 1 in 3 black males will be in jail in one point in their lives. Certain laws have made people who have not committed a severe or major offense are being sentenced to harsh prison terms, and even for life sentences.

One prime example is the unjust imprisonment of marijuana users, who have every right to put whatever they want in their body. But many states have implemented a 3 strike rule, which means if you are caught 3 times, you will be imprisoned for LIFE!

Yet we have only scratched the surface of these problems. We must look at the root of the problem, a problem that very few Americans know anything about.

I’m talking about the Prison Industrial Complex. Many Americans may think when someone goes to jail they are being sent to a state run corrections facility.

This is no longer the case. Many prisons in America today are private companies. That’s right; Companies that gain profits by the increasing amount of people that are imprisoned within their walls. So let’s think about this for a second; People with great wealth and power, are gaining even more by the increase of people they have incarcerated, and stripped of their freedoms. Is that the American way?

Add judges, politicians, lawyers, police officers and other officials that benefit from the payroll that are encouraged to pass and enforce laws designed to target minorities and the poor, and the result is you get far more non violent people going to jail that shouldn’t be there.

These “jails for profit” trade their stocks on Wall Street. If there’s a sign of a society that is heading in the wrong direction, this is it folks.

The Government, with the bought influence of powerful Corporations, has put a price tag on people’s lives and both are driven by even higher profits that give these institutions an incentive to put more people in those cold despondent concrete hells spread across the land of America.

Yet there has been resistance, a national grassroots organization known as Critical Resistance is the first to have taken up the fight against the PIC (prison industrial complex).

They organize to spread awareness and protest this issue of which many will never hear about. Many will ask me, “Well you don’t believe in government institutions”, and I would say, “yes I don’t believe in many of them because it is the governments responsibly to protect our liberties, which they have turned a blind eye too, and have let large corporations put a price on our heads.”

So I write to you readers to educate yourself, talk to others, and don’t let the productivity of your precious life be taken away by the government in the form of tax dollars; just so you can help finance the inhumane actions of the powers that be that profit from ruining people’s lives by throwing people into a prison.

Applied knowledge is power, use what you know, and protect yourselves.

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