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April 26, 2009

by Amador Salazar 1/22/09

Inauguration day was filled with many animated and delighted people yearning for a new hope and change. In fact, Obama’s inauguration will indeed be historic; for it is the very first time that we will witness an African American in the oval office for the next four years. While it marks an important day for our country, it does not change the policies he has advocated for throughout his whole campaign that reveal that change doesn’t just come by screaming it at the top of your lungs while sporting a nice suit.

Luckily for UTSA, there was a group of people there to keep the people grounded before the euphoria of such a victory launched them into convulsions of satisfaction. The Young Americans for Liberty, headed by one of our very own staffers Andrew Dossman, set up shop near the Starbucks. They let everyone know that we have to keep an eye on the politician, who voted for the bailouts, has plans for another, and plans to reroute our troops in Iraq to Afghanistan.

Seeing as how I always seem to itch for a chance to participate in something that should go down in history, I passed out fliers that questioned whether or not Obama presented real change. I must admit that I even had to run along with some people just to make sure they got the message that is vital if we are to ever witness true change in our country.

The truth still prevails. If Obama were true change, wouldn’t he differ from Bush and Paulson’s support of bailing out mismanaged companies and banks, and instead allow them to fail so as to spur more competition? Wouldn’t he get rid of the Federal Reserve, which is the root cause for inflation and the impending crash of the dollar? Finally, if Obama were true change, he would call for all the troops to come home, instead of redistributing them to other countries.

These are all statements that were definitely brought up by the Young Americans for Liberty. Rest assured these renegades will continually keep a watchful eye on the new administration that has been sputtering empty rhetoric since day one.

Overall, the day was filled with informing the public over policy, and pocket constitutions were handed out so we could remind ourselves what ideals our country was founded upon. Young Americans for Liberty were able to muster up support from various different people, so the table was a place of good feelings. It could be that there are still people out there that love freedom and prosperity.

There was even room for lively debate from opposing voices. After all everyone is entitled to their opinion here in the United States, and let us work to preserve this debate even though elections seem like a far out past. Until then…

May the r3VOLution continue!


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