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New Belgium Mothership Wit Review

April 27, 2009


Note: (Libre! does not condone the use of alcohol or drugs, this is for cultural knowledge and opinion)


We at Libre! love beer, just as many of you do, at least I hope you do. So I decided that it was a good idea to do the first ever Libre! Beer review. Libre! also loves the founding fathers, so I thought it appropriate to place this quote before this review starts.

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” (Benjamin Franklin) 

The beer that we have chosen to honor as the first to ever be reviewed by Libre! is New Belgium’s Mothership Wit.

Mothership Wit is an organically grown wheat beer which is a great start in itself, many people are not aware the nasty things that make their way into many commercial beers. Mothership Wit has the typical style of a wheat beer with a long lasting foam and a cloudy appearance. I enjoyed mine with a slice of orange, squeezed and dropped in. Being as it is a wheat beer, Mothership wit lacks the strong hoppy flavor of traditional beers, which can be an interesting and exciting change for many. What I found very pleasing about this beer, was its unbelievable ability to be refreshing; or what I like to call, “refreshability”. After a week of tests and projects due, sitting back and enjoying a quiet night with my hound dog and a 6 pack of Mothership Wit, brought great closer to a hectic week. If you can find this beer I would highly recommend picking it up. We at Libre! love beer, we love organic, and we really love GREAT TASTING ORGANIC BEER. So if your in the super market and see it. Pick it up!

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