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Texas Politics in need of Reform

June 11, 2009

Important Bills Run Out of Time! Only Shows Deeper Problems with Texas Legislature The Texas legislature has now ended its session, leaving many bills, one being the bill dealing with Conceal and Carry License holders being able to carry their concealed firearms on college campuses, to run out of time and die.

There were many other bills that did not make it, however this particular one had a large amount of media coverage and public support and opposition, one would think that the legislature would have made high priority of such a bill. However, there is a potential problem when you look at how the Texas legislature is set up.

It is a system that invites corruption. Doing little for people and as much as possible for big business or other powerful interests. Many find Texas politics boring and do little to understand them, so I will give a brief breakdown.

The Texas legislature only meets ONCE every TWO years, and only for 90 days. With all the decisions that need to be made, this is not nearly enough time to make them. Another problem is with the short amount of time in session is added to the problem that the pay for being a legislature in Texas is extremely low. This causes many of the legislature to work for companies and corporations.

This causes a conflict of interest, being on the company payroll, it causes representatives to put forward bills of their host companies first and with more intensity, leaving issues that have to deal with the public to be placed on the back burner.

Another problem that has been seen is what is called “ghost voting”. With only having to meet 90 days every 2 years, you would think that these Texas state reps could make all or at least most of the meetings. However this is not the case ( As seen in the video many congressmen are voting for other congressmen on issues, even reaching across party lines. This has been accepted inside the chamber, however is very immoral.

This goes back to the problem that so many things must be voted on in such a short period of time, bills are not even discussed the are just put up on the floor and voted on. The way Texas politics is set up is horrifying, but not many people pay attention to them.

However, where most of the things that affect our lives happen is at the State level. I would encourage all readers to look more deeply into your state politics, many of your representatives are running around unchecked and unleashed serving their own selfish interests.

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